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Skin made of Metals, Bones made of Mystery, Heart made of Crystals, Spirit filled with Secrets: Its language is pure Music, and it sings of Love.
SongPods are hand held self-playing 'musical instruments' each with its own unique song!  SongPods are tear-drop shaped to fit the human palm.  When gently shaken or clacked on any hard surface - especially together! - Songpods produce a serene echoing ring and lingering vibration that soothes the spirit.
SongPods are used in health care facilities, for autistic children, older adults and in numerous therapy modalities.  They are also used by massage therapists and Reiki practitioners.  For over 25 years, people on all 7 continents and all walks of life have been enjoying SongPod's harmonies!
Invented by a Native American Indian woman of vision, a percentage from each sale benefits both Native and Nature Projects, including the rehabilitation of injured wildlife.
We guarantee your Bliss!
No healing claims are made by the Inventor nor the holder of SongPods' Trademark, TALON, Inc. The Inventor is Native American.  SongPods are not, however, presented as an 'American Indian Made Craft' nor 'traditional Indian Art form.' They are the unique manifestation of one woman's sustaining Vision.  Metallurgy Apprentices from many walks of life contribute to their hand crafting.  Each SongPod is always personally finished by its Inventor.
SongPods make an excellent gift for
the soul - as well as an enduring
celebration of Life's Passages:

Weddings!  Pregnancies!  Births!  Departures and Reunions!  Transformations! and sheer Joy!
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